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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skinning teeth.

Glad I had that bagel on 8th yesterday. Sustained the spirit during one of those days - flat tyre on the way to La Guardia at 0500 in Queens - my driver has a prosthesis instead of his right hand, so I changed the wheel - rather fast - and we scraped in in time to get me through the nightmare that is US airline security to find that my booking left no time to make the connecting flight in Chicago. Made worse by delayed take off. I'd done my research and ran from the entry gate at O'Hare to the boarding gate - about 800 metres - and made the tail of the boarding line. But - most gobsmacking of all - my bag made the plane as well. Onya Alaskan Air!

It's about -10C in Anchorage,  dark now but clear and crisp in daylight. Nome around lunchtime today, Alaskan Air permitting. if you want to follow it.

And this is the 'official' press release.