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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Latest positions image

0900UTC 15th

Position 4226N 01014W with 550 miles on the clock. 25 - 30 kts, lumpy 3-5 metre quarter to beam sea with waves breaking across the boat. Uncomfortable but getting us south reasonably fast averaging about 5 kts. Faster possible but not sensible.

Another proper breakfast just past - we have changed medical practices since I last wrote. The Dublin Doctor and his assistant Dr Gordon have achieved such international publicity since they started looking after us that their Consultation schedule leaves very little time for us. Accordingly, we have transferred our business - at the recommendation of the RNLI in Crosshaven - to a smaller practice in Cork where Dr Murphy and his senior consultant Mr Grindy have regular surgery hours. Dr Murphy looks after breakfast and other odd times, while Mr Grindy provides embalming fluid for those moments when nothing else will do.

Once again - knees wedged under nav table, fingers more or less steadied to type this by wrists braced on the fiddle - we thing about 5 days at least from here to Gib. Appendages crossed please that the Levanter is not blowing out of the Strait.

Some administrative stuff - Steve W in Sydney will check the gustbook on the old site and for any messages and forward them to us every Monday and Friday. For anything more urgent, he has the satphone number as do Hilary, Isabella and a few others. Please keep sending us stuff - makes life much more interesting.

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Disturbances in The Link

Paul and Pauline kindly made an alteration in their brilliant video
for reasons that need not trouble you all - and so the link I sent
earlier now won't work.
Hopefully, this one will.


Video Link

Just received from Paul and Pauline of Falmouth Photos: a link to
video of Berrimilla leaving on Friday.