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Friday, October 2, 2009

Final shore based coldie

The weather not brill for the next week - light to moderate headwinds - but we're going to go. This may be the last from gmail for a while. Odd feeling having a last coldie at the caff on the wharf with perhaps two months minimum at sea to come...

We'll have a somewhat warmer drop of Sagres as we pass Henry and his mates. Sagres is local beer and also the place where he lived and watched for his ships to come home.

Cross 'em please - I think we're off.


or Infante Dom Anrique and the monument to the sailors who made the voyages.

And the world map in the Maritime Museum with the C15 voyages

Unfortunately, I stuffed up the technology and the photo of Pete doing his laundry, Lisbon style - treading it in a bin full of fresh water and Fairy liquid on the pontoon - wont download as a video or a photo.

Off again?

So much to write and so little time. Lisbon has been at one level fascinating - an amazing city with such a history. And at another level just one little - or huge frustration after another and the only way forward is to hang on the the threads of equanimity and patience and just keep on pushing. We think we are ready to go - with an untested repair to the wind generator - but Telextronica is confident so we'll go.

And we will sail down the Tagus in the wake of a line of truly legendary sailors who departed from here not knowing where they were going, fully aware that their chances of returning were minimal, in boats that today look primitive, with all the superstition and fear of their religious age. We will pass the monument to Prince Henry the Navigator and salute them all.

Thence we will head towards Madeira. We will be back on sailmail from about 1400 UTC today so messages via please.

Carol, thanks for good wishes and yep - we'll dip our lids.

Love yose all.