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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working and Lurking in confined spaces

Or the things that take you back in time...I have spent a reasonably tiresome day removing the closed cell foam insulation we put into Berri's living space in early 2008 before going to the ice. Way back then we first tried to stick it to the hull and coachroof using double sided tape - FAIL - so we used copious Sikaflex. I remember wondering as we applied the stuff whether I would ever have to remove the Sika stripes and knowing that if so it would be a task needing subsequent Consultation to steady the nerves and uncramp the muscles (the iodine in the T is a fantastic uncramper...). Serendipitous joyfulness - while shifting stuff around inside, I found a small unopened bottle of pure lemon juice left over from the Capetown shopping gig in 2009 and a decanted remnant of Dr Gordon's throat elixir in a plastic bottle. Yay - buy the T on the way home...

And also - amazingly - the remaining 3 pieces of assorted mini chocs from the big bag McQ, Kimbra and I bought in Cambridge Bay just over 3 years ago. A mini Snicker, a Crunchie and a Hershey Bar. I remember finding them in Falmouth in an earlier trawl as Pete and I got ready for part 4 and putting them in a safe place to use as birthday gifts for Kimbra and McQ. They seem to be a bit short of structural integrity this late in the proceedings so perhaps the photo will have to do.

And the mould - and the leak over Kimbra's bunk finally exposed - and Berri's original blue speckled interior gel coat reappearing with all its blemishes and the remnants of bathroom paint and other gunk applied by previous owners. And signs that some deck fittings need urgent attention. All of which has a lot to do with why I have an aversion to headliners in boats.

The photos - first 2 looking up into the aft coachroof, then special THHGTTG kit and lastly the lost treasures.

Fingers crossed - there might be a voyage in the - perhaps distant - offing...T acquired and nerve settling Con under way.