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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Romance behind the bog

Imagine!  you spend a good chunk of your life conscious of the history and the romance and the sheer emotional grip of the Great Capes and one day you drive to the Cape of Good Hope - second only to the Horn as a place of fear and pilgrimage and you see it out there off the road and you ask where the path is to get to it - 'Walk or car, sir? Walk. OK sir -there's a path over there behind the toilets...
So you set off from behind the toilets to walk to one of the great corners of the world...

The COGH is almost at  the southern end of the peninsula but but quite - Cape Point, .much bigger. higher and more impressive. is the real southernmost point  before Caper Agulhas, the real corner and the divide between the two oceans, 100 miles or so further east.

There's a zipped folder of photos from the day here
It will last for seven days and/or 100 downloads - I don't have time to do the picasa thing.