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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barn door quicky.

Position 0630 23rd 4318 13209, trip 132, DMG 128 and 640 to SE Cape - only 1 BU to go and the weather looks kind for the next couple of days at least. New grib when send this.
So with a bit of luck, we will be in the Derwent this time next week.

A funny old life part 2

Groupama3 will overtake us today. I've been in touch with the navigator, Stan Honey, who is a friend - talking to him is a bit like talking to Leroy Chiao in the International Space Station - same concept, we're both circling the earth, only the technology is different. G3 will pass us at about the same distance as Leroy and they are going nearly as fast. A shame we won't see them as they flash by. More circles in the sand - this really all began with Leroy.
We're flying too - nearly 7 knots directly at the flaky green door and we can almost smell the farmyard. Tasmania fills the horizon, but over the hump. Maatsuuyker is one BU ahead and SE Cape another 50 miles or so. This morning's position will be the transition point - from tomorrow I will measure DMG from SE Cape.
Val and Jill - and John and Sherryl, Kimbra, Mark, Kate and the Westies - odd to be looking back at you all. And we are now looking at the true north pole from the east side of the magnetic pole so new rule: Variation East, Compass Least. Val, the Examiner is an imaginary evil being that stalks the oceans and sets difficult exam questions for unfortunate sailors who have the temerity to test her authority. I tend to think of her in hot pink leathers, hob nailed boots and carrying a stockwhip but she could just as easily be a gargoyle on the nearest cloud. She never sleeps and we must pass every exam or we are very deep in the poo.
And here we are, in the middle of the Great Australian Bight and I've been listening to Adam Spencer on Breakfast Radio in Sydney, telling us about the state of the traffic jams, the stock market and the bear pit that is NSW politics. There's a window between about 0400 local until sunrise when I can pull in the broadcast. I bet he doesn't know we're listening.
MJC, tks for shipping news.
Sue, hang in there - we're nearly in the bleachers.
Heggie - set the Examiner on to the cats - we'll send her up to you.
GV - don't you dare drink it. These things take time. And thanks!