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Monday, March 1, 2010

where to from here?

1st March, in Hobart. Next stop, top right, Sydney.

Radio Interview 28 Feb

Macca has a radio show on Sunday mornings across Australia, not surprisingly called "Australia All Over". He has called Berri a few times, and here is the latest link to the sat phone interview with Macca on ABC Radio. Alex & Peter are from 4:20 to 13:05.

And so it was...

In the Derwent 4 miles to go. Permission was granted for the flares and pics will be posted - but we forgot to release the checkstay - duuuh - so Berri will look awful. Pink thingy in the rig with the flags and lots of photos. Chris arrived at Southport to scort us up the channel to the Derwent and Malcolm has just arrived in Wildfire - super tweaky Farr30 to get us the last few miles. Malcom steered Berri to the finish of a couple - at least - Hobarts - cos he's good and he lives here.

And so it came to pass. Quarantine bods due as we arrive at RYCT, Customs have asked us to sit tight for them because they are out at the airport. Lots more to come but I'm just a bit busy.

And not a little weary. I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow.

Love yez all and thanks for being out there - special thanks to all those who have been following silently as it were but have written in to say how sad they will be when it ends.

So will we, but that's a few weeks away yet.

Hooooley dooooley we seem to be in the channel.

We surfed past Whale Head, just east of SE Cape on some of the biggest waves I've ever seen - and very short wavelength. We are on the 90 metre depth line and the big SW Southern Ocean swells are climbing the shelf and amplifying, just like surf on a beach. Yeeehaaa - exciting. Tiny heady poled out and the engine running in case it gets really pearshaped. We must avoid the Deepwater Banks just to our north, where these monsters break.
SE Cape, Whale Head and Cape Bruny must be pretty much as Tasman, Cook and all the rest saw them more than 200 years ago. I have a mental image of a bit of Australia that Cook might have carried as well.
Long Consultation with Himself the Doctor from Dublin and we've exhausted our supplies of his medications. Dr. Cooper is in the offing - in loco parentis.
And we are being entertained by gannets pretending to be albatrosses, reigning over all they survey. Except that they run out of lift just when an albatross gets into gear and they have to flap. Exit stage left, gannet, egg on face.
Gordy in Falmouth and Alan in Crosshaven - I've heard that the errant T shirts turned up back in Australia. Do I still owe either of you or did we sort it before we left? Anyone else over there not got one that I promised? txt +61418243600.
Past Cape Bruny and I think I can see or escort - Yay Chris!
Gotta go - watch this space.


Moon in and out of black looming clouds. Maatsuyker light loud and clear on the port bow - W fl(3)30sec16ml - and I've spoken to Hobart Coast Radio on the VHF - there's a repeater on Maatsuyker. SW Cape in the moonlight to the north and I can see Maatsuyker Island but not the Mewstone to the south of it. We'll thread the needle and I think that's the Barn Door. So we're here, sort of.

Still about 100 to go to get to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, so perhaps 20 hours before we get an official handshake with Dr Cooper. I know at least one hardy soul has braved the weather and is waiting in Southport to escort us into town. A Brolga owner too but sort of ex - he needed a bigger accounting for taste!

We will ask permission to let off a couple of white flares when we cross our outward track in the Derwent and so complete the NWP circumnavigation and all that other stuff. Just like last time! Then Customs and the paperwork and perhaps a real bed tonight.

John, thanks for message and Landcruiser. Don't need anything thanks - I'll call you when we're in mobile range.

Still a horrible sea - really big waves but they have stopped breaking and the wind is back to 20. Now for SE Cape and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel - we'll wave to Recherche as we pass - and to Adventure on the other side across the sandspit. The forecast for tomorrow is lousy and we need to keep moving. Pity - I'd have liked to anchor once again in Cook's track.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us nice messages - even you Fenwick - have you washed since we last saw you?

There will be photos and the bloggery will continue while we are in Hobart - don't all go away! Longish to-do list but nothing huge unless we find anything when we go up on the slip.

Gordy, if you are reading this, what was that antifoul again? Text my Oz mobile +61418243600 please.