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Monday, March 1, 2010

And so it was...

In the Derwent 4 miles to go. Permission was granted for the flares and pics will be posted - but we forgot to release the checkstay - duuuh - so Berri will look awful. Pink thingy in the rig with the flags and lots of photos. Chris arrived at Southport to scort us up the channel to the Derwent and Malcolm has just arrived in Wildfire - super tweaky Farr30 to get us the last few miles. Malcom steered Berri to the finish of a couple - at least - Hobarts - cos he's good and he lives here.

And so it came to pass. Quarantine bods due as we arrive at RYCT, Customs have asked us to sit tight for them because they are out at the airport. Lots more to come but I'm just a bit busy.

And not a little weary. I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow.

Love yez all and thanks for being out there - special thanks to all those who have been following silently as it were but have written in to say how sad they will be when it ends.

So will we, but that's a few weeks away yet.