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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Morning quickie, rather late.

0745 position Dec 30th 3609 02430 trip 74 DMG 38 - very slow but we do seem to be moving.

I think yesterday's position should have read 3533 02406, not 3633...sorry.

Thought we'd never get clear of Agulhas and we're not out yet but looking just a bit promising.

Sue - Pinkaraj has always been a bit experimental and enjoyed the experience. A favour please as you seem to be doing it anyway - over the next couple of weeks, could you please monitor the pattern of lows passing Kerguelen and give me a rough interval and the trend in windspeed at 49 south? Not too much detail needed. Tks.

Richard P at Fastnet - separate note follows but if you are reading this, thanks and could you please just send the annual premium from the quote - use the direct sailmail address if you still have it, else berrimilla2 - many thanks.

Latest Position

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