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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goss's Thousand?

Posted by I&G in the UK

Pete Goss' bottle

0700 position Oct 10 3452 01305 GPS trip 1135 so 120 miles/24 hrs. Actual distance to Falmouth 974 miles.

Gloomy overcast night - two other boats, probably sailing, in the distance and the mystery of the disappearing ship. Biggish ship about 3 miles away going north. I went below for 2 minutes - no ship in sight when I came up again. Big southerly swell, but it wasn't hiding the ship before I went below. Odd. AIS isn't coming through to Sob - to do with early crash and I don't know hoe to get it back, so no help there.

Almost at Sydney's latitude but a hemisphere away. Sigh! Roughly a year ago, Pete Goss gave me a bottle of Talisker when I went to see him and wish him luck on Spirit of Mystery in Falmouth. It's with us, unopened, carefully wrapped and stowed and I think cracking the real first thousand miles might be an excuse for a taste. I doubt whether Pete is reading this but somebody out there might thank him for us.

Now for a GRIB to see how we're doing versus the front.

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