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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OMDF - with deference to Kurtsy

The Portugese seem to favour the rather florid and pretentiously heroic in their statuary.

This guy is anything but – he's under a giant Moreton Bay fig in the Jardim de Estrela and I couldn't find anyone with enough English to tell me who he is. There's no inscription anywhere – perhaps google later. But to me he's the universal and humble mover of mountains, unsung and mostly forgotten by the florid and pretentious. He is dressed like an Australian but could be any worker anywhere. No seagulls for him.

 I took his photo on the 15 k walk to the dentist at Saldanha and back. Pete had a go at barber surgery on my stitch this morning and we decided that the tools at hand are not fine enough so up to the dentist again, where Dra Bruno removed it in a nanosecond.

 And the new wind generator has at last revved up enough to demonstrate its efficacy so, subject to major change in the forecast, we will wait for this little SW blow to soften and leave tomorrow afternoon on the tide. Cross em again please.

 For me, the usual inertia based partly on apprehension – but there will be yet another farewell coldie at the wharf Caff tomorrow and then into it. I won't really feel we're on our way until we are clear of Brazil and heading east.

Meantime, off to Pingos Doce to stock up on rather expensive snickers and mars bars. We've been a bit profligate here in the Doca. The dead fish seem to have evolved beyond the smelly stage so life is a bit easier.  

A bit of wisdom and a mini update

From Con and the Munster Rugby team over there in Crosshaven:

To the brave and faithful, nothing is impossible

And from my sister:

Maybe the Doca is thinking this about YOU..


"As we say in Athens, fishe and gestes in three dayes are stale".


1580 John Lyly from Euphues & his England II. 81 


If you are mystified, gestes has a hard g

Thanks to both of you!

We now have a new Airbreeze wind generator installed and it seems to be behaving, Thanks to Ketter at Southwest Windpower in Flagstaff and Sonia and Fernando at Telextronica here. We're going to watch it for a day and then, weather permitting get out of town. Been here way more than three dayes.