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Friday, August 12, 2011

Nothing in particular

Sitting outside tiny cafe in industrial part of Hamble Marina with maxi caffeine in paper cup and next to boat lift - a sort of box shaped hollow crane - watching as boats get lifted and water blasted and otherwise fixed.
Polyglot crowd around me - all getting ready to go racing today over in Cowes. South africans, french, dutch, an englishman who borrowed the pc to get a weather forecast...and this solitary Oz - and just joined by ace navigator from Jazz - tiddly pom.

About 52 hours to the start.

Another blog

We might be able to update this one and maybe the Berri one as we go - will depend on mobile phone access as we don't have HF radio. What am I going to find to do all the time?

Lots of minor fixes under way. Weather forecast looks like a soft start on the nose, gradually strengthening. Us'll see.