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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

True grit

What a place - of confronting contrasts, of fierce winds, of the Mountain dominating everything, of friendly people, of security everywhere.

We've been full time busy fixing Berri in the gaps between the easterlies - the top gust a couple of days ago here in the marina was 79 knots and mostly over 60 - worse in Hout Bay further south where 3 boats sank. The wind carries with it tons of 200 grit sand - black dusty sharp sand that blasts away gel coat, anodising, paintwork - everything. It gets into mast tracks, bearings, lines and sheets. Don't none of you Sydneysiders ever complain about the wind and weather - you ain't seen nothing!

Progress - the HF radio is back and working - was a faulty relay in the on/off switch but the relay is on a PCB inside the transceiver...Oh for the days of simple lever switches! Thanks to Udo - contact details available if anyone is coming this way.
The laptop also had problems, as I knew, and Raashid is coming down this morning to re-install it and test everything - Raashid details also available  for anyone needing a nerd in CT. A couple of great guys who really know their stuff.

Apart from that, we have had a mini glimpse of the place but hope to get the boat sorted and spend a couple of days driving around before we leave. Complicated by Christmas and the usual pressures on tradies to get stuff done. Berri gets lifted and hung in the straps on Friday fr barnacle scrape, prop pitch adjust, anode check and quick inspection of rudder bearing and general bottomy things.

Raashid arriving - must go. Will post more photos later. I understand there may be another Macca session this sunday, if they can reach us.