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Monday, March 8, 2010


We're just south east of Cape Raoul - Storm Bay having been its usual obstreperous self with blasts and holes and rain - the works. Should all blow away this evening. But no fun going to windward after all those months of the easy stuff.

There are dolphins around and a Black Browed Albatross - and lots of Gannety birds once again pretending to be albatrosses.

From here to Sydney I will use Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time which is UTC + 11. The laptop is set to this time as well - using the backup as the original seems to be a dead parrot.

We should round Tasman Island and turn north in a couple of hours, all going well. For the Sydneysiders and those who can get the internet stream, we might be on breakfast radio with Adam Spencer tomorrow - but at 0545 ish.

We're off again

We left the yacht club in Hobart at 0900 local this morning. Weather looks reasonable for a quickish trip up the coast to Sydney but who knows?
I'll keep you posted.

Dr Cooper is aboard again running an excellent dispensary ably supported by the good Dr. Gordon. All ok so far - we're still in the Derwent approaching Half Moon Bay.