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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Consultations in Constraint

I don't know how many of you are still out there following this nonsense but if you are, Pete and I have signed up for a rather  more significant journey.

We don't usually do sponsorship, in either direction, but during all our voyages and presentations we have made a point of raising money for kids and others with cancer as a memorial tribute to a couple of young friends. This time we have decided to be something of an Old Farts Rump in Adam Spencer's Breakfast Booze Busters crew in an enterprise called Dry July.

For the aliens, Adam Spencer hosts the Breakfast radio programme on Australia's 2BL national radio network.  He's a bit of a genius, a thoroughly good guy, appears to have even less hair than me (but hasn't - I think he shaves for that super shiny look...) and would understand all our Hitchiker jokes. He interviewed us on our way home from the Kerguelens.

Accordingly, there will be no Consultations for the whole month of July. That's 31 days.  Our crew of medical specialists, Drs Gordon, Cooper, Murphy, Windhoek, the Doctor from Dublin, Dr Dry from Cork, the Barber Surgeon (Mr Talisker) and all the rest will become rail meat for the duration. For the uninitiated, that means no alcohol for Pete and me for 31 days. All Medicinal Compounds will be banished to the outer darkness. I can just hear Marvin telling us how much we won't enjoy it.

If any of you would like to join us in one of the very best of causes, please sign on at, then when you are signed on, find the options and select 'join a team' and look for Breakfast Booze Busters in the drop down menu or enter team number 2102.. Then get to work finding sponsors. If total abstention is a bit too hard, contributions would be entirely acceptable. Ideally, we would like you to sponsor us - say $1.00/day. You can do this through me and this blog or directly to the Team via the website.

I'll try to keep a running commentary going as we progress.