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Sunday, March 14, 2010


For Robyn and anyone else who might be planning to come out to meet us - we will listen on VHF 72 once we get into range. I think at the moment we will have a couple of hours in hand for 1100 but the Examiner still lurks.

Wollongong in the offing.

At 1815 local March 14th, 60 miles to South Head, VMG 5 knots while the wind holds so looking good for 1100 tomorrow short of northerly gale or catastrophic engine failure. I can see the chimney at Wollongong. Time for medication.

Keep em crossed and we'll keep you posted.

Wet concrete wrapper

The Plan is to be at South Head at 1100 tomorrow, Monday 15th March. Midnight UTC for the Chain gang and Devon croo and whatever it takes in Boulder - but an excuse to keep the bar open perhaps. Nothing is ever definite, especially with us lot, so keep an eye on the blog.

the long and the short of it

A rather shaky groove

Position 0730 14th 3535 15023 trip 98, DMG 92. Monday entry still possible, keep em crossed.

Ferals - one recumbent drom, now over the hump and out of sight, one tiny ex flying fish on deck, one Virgin 737 heading south, lots of birds. Homo erectus and maybe even some sapiens in little boxes, all made of ticky-tacky all along the shore. 2 weary OF out here.

We cracked 15000 miles near Eden and we have 110 to South Head - a lot less than 1% of the journey. Looked a bit pearshaped yesterday when the old electric autopilot finally gave up the ghost in the rain - great job Udo! I'm surprised it lasted this long. But in the secret stash we have another one, a bit of a toy and also modified by Udo - yay Udo! - but it will get us home. Small panic when I set it up and it thought it was going south but then I read the instructions. Duh.

Another small sailing boat to seaward. Seems to be going faster so I wonder if there's a reverse EAC eddy here.