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Monday, December 21, 2009

View from the top

Macca late last night - I had difficulty saying anything interesting. Hope we weren't too boring. Then we climbed Table Mountain this morning, early before the crowds, on the first really sparkling day since we arrived here. It's a steep, rocky climb from about 300 metres at the start up to about 1100 at the top. I was reminded forcefully of how the old corpse has atrophied since I last tried any serious running - a climb that would once have been a breeze was not easy. Pete carried the backpack most of the way. Wonderful view all the way to the Cape of Good Hope from the top, and around to Cape Town and Table Bay.  At the top there's a very swish restaurant and fast food and trinket establishment - odd really - just like being in any airport terminal rather than the top of such a spectacular mountain. We required rehydration - of course - and worked our way through a couple of doses of Grolsch - third best eer in the world after Coopers and Carlsberg Elephant. Then down by the cable car - fast and disconcerting as the interior rotates and if you are leaning aginst the side trying to take photos, your feet go one way and the camera the other.

The photos are here - 100 downloads or 7 days, as usual. I used two cameras but try as I might I could not get the folder to zip them in the correct order - all the ones beginning with PC21...should be first. K, the view when your call came through was PC210001 - noice, and even noicer to talk to you. Photos 2362 & 3 have the COGH almost dead centre though it is really hard to see.

Then we refuelled the boat and started to try to get the insides in order to start packing it's time for Dr Gordon in stiffish mood for two thoroughly knackered old farts.