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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Techie at the Doca

Alex phoned yesterday afternoon, and again this morning from Lisbon.
They are safely docked at the Doca de Alcantara which is just above
the suspension bridge in the centre of Lisbon. The internet caff is
some distance away and at the moment Alex hasn't located anywhere to
plug in the laptop. So the news is via Devon and as follows:
Before they decided to go in to Lisbon we managed, from the UK end, to
identify an agent for the generator located in Lisbon. The alternative
was Tenerife and there was no agent in Gibraltar. We phoned up the
Lisbon people to check that they could assist and they said they would
do all they could. We relayed this information to Berri and they
turned left.
I had talked to an extremely helpful woman in Lisbon who spoke
excellent English and she and a techie will be going down to the
Doca, at midday ish today, to take the unit away and check it over.
This means that Alex and Pete have had to dismantle the generator.
It also means that little is likely to happen over the weekend and
they will probably be in Lisbon until Monday or Tuesday. Alex will
update here as soon as he has time, locates an internet caff or a
Yacht Club with facilities, and remembers to take the right bits of
string with him.