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Monday, October 12, 2009

What did I say?

Never tempt the Examiner. Major crash of SoB or the laptop - there's some sort of incompatibility between these Toughbooks and the version of XP that they use and something in SoB or the USB driver that is triggered occasionally by - I know not what.

Anyway, eventual close down by using the 'off' switch and it rebooted correctly and all seems cool and froody again. Until next time!

Thanks to Bill W (no probs mate - thanks) and Ron Cuskelly whose message took me back 40+ years to Alice Springs (although I thought it was in Darwin, Ron - we were the Giles crew and I think we flew up there, not to the Alice)and to Steve for forwarding. Steve will forward B2 Gmails to us every Monday and Friday unless there's something urgent so if anything needs a quick answer, say so in your text or contact Steve on B2@gmail.

Routine: we have limited supplies of medicinal compounds, most notably Dr Murphy's throat salve and loosening elixir. We left Crosshaven with 150 doses, preserved carefully through the weeks till we left Falmouth and in Lisbon. On the last voyage's timing, we have about 114 days sailing whether or not we stop anywhere else. Einstein says that's too many days for one does per person per day. Accordingly, we now have a proper Consultative Berri breakfast on odd numbered days (why odd numbered, you may ask?) and make do with lesser quality lubricant on even days. Thanks to Carol, we are ahead on our other essential compound so there will continue to be a daily 1700 Con with our specialist Dr Ridyng from Cork.

No decision yet on stopping anywhere else. So much has already gone wrong since I arrived in Falmouth in May that we are reluctant to plan more than a few days ahead - the next GRIB, in fact. I do think that South Georgia is looking very unlikely given the delays so far. Maybe Cape Town, maybe we'll just keep going and perhaps try to swoop down to the Kerguelens on the way past. Almost got there last time.

I'm going to try to send this via Iridium to test the system and our backup.

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Latest Position

Posted by I & G in the UK

0700 Oct 12

Position 3154 01625, trip 1387 so 120/24hr

We passed the Madeira Islands during the night - only saw the loom of Funchal about 40 miles away. Now heading towards the Canaries trying to stay in the little band of northerly wind that extends about 200 miles off the African coast. The books say this is a cold current and it flows south - the water temp is 28 deg and we seem to have a knot against us. Hmmm.

Dare I say it? Wood firmly grasped - we seem to be out of the door - perhaps 4 k in a marathon and just finding a rhythm. This is day 5 out of Lisbon and the stress of the last few weeks is beginning to wash away - long may it last. About 2100 miles to the Equator and the ITCZ. And I think it's time to thank all those people who have helped us get this far - no lists cos they would be way too long - you know who you are. Come join us for a meal at the Restaurant in the middle of the Universe - beautiful waterside location, supported by probability waves and decorated with super strings, all colour coded. Like all restaurants, it has a 6 cat rating on Fatboy Gruntgurgler's Schrodinger scale in the Guide. To discover its real rating you'll have to open some boxes. Or just try the food..

Mars up there with the Moon, Venus and Saturn just above the coming sunrise. Loverly.

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I have received a few messages asking about the previous post so this
is a brief explanation. Andrew Short and Sally Gordon were highly
experienced Australian sailors who died tragically in a yacht race
over the weekend. There are many articles about them online. Here is

Isabella in the UK