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Saturday, December 12, 2009

More birds

I've been playing inexpertly with the images - might not work but don't know how to check until I see them on the blog. El PinkbokkerZeb having a ride in the sun.

Radio has gone off to Icom looking very much the worse for wear - rusty, corroded case, even though it lives in the driest part of the boat. Udo has condemned the AIS gizmo - a dead parrot - so have to decide whether to buy a new one - slightly better but seems much more expensive that the original. Pete off saying goodbye to old friend who is off to UK tomorrow and I'm contemplating the prospect of a cold beer after I have been out to Berri to bring in the washing.

When the south easter blows here it has attitude - nearly 50 knots around the mountain yesterday. We visited Groupama - amazing machine! 30 metres by about 23, weighs 18 tons fully crewed, one winch of the many worth more than Berri - pete has photos and I'll post some when he gets back. The crew anxious to get away - Manuel, our host here responsible for getting the new generator shipped out to them and it arrived as we were there and the crew were all over it in an instant, unpacking, adjusting - they plan to leave tomorrow if all goes well. Nice, laid back guys, despite their awesome toy and happy to talk to the dinosaurs.

Packages received from Malcom, IGgle, Sue and Doug M - thanks everyone - will try to write separately soonish.