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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing quite like it...

With apologies to Flanders and Swann. This stuff has sand and grit in it - no place to wallow.

A little bit of bliss in Resolute. Enjoy!

The Same.

Murphy and the Examiner in a wreathing clammy clinch. Breeding imminent. Freezing rain again in Resolute. Appendages for a clearance this afternoon...
More 2008 and 2010 pics here - click on the Wildlife albums. Captions may follow today if we are still stuck here.

And the sun came out

And the planes flew - and ours went u/s on it's first trip and we who were second became second hand and here we still are. Appendages for tomorrow!

Some high arctic flowers here:

More photos - from Alaska 2008

Fogggbound time put to use - I have collected my photos of wildflowers from Alaska in 2008 and put them here:
Captions to follow if I get time to go through and identify them. Takes a mindboggling time to do it - there must be an easier way.
And then I will put up some wildlife pics from the same time.

Unfortunately, I did not bring the Southern Ocean Albatrosses and the Kerguelen pics with me else I'd have got them sorted too. Nothing like a spot of freezing foggg to spur one to action.