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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is there a tooth fairy out there - or a generous seagull?

The second round with Dra. Bruno will be, I hope, the last. We decided that the tooth had to go and now I have my old friend in a little blue plastic box just in case there's an errant tooth fairy near the Doca. She's a brilliant extractor - I got none of the crunching I expected from previous eperience - but some reassuring scraping around the bony edges of the hole to clear the infection - reassuring but spine creepy. I'm dosed to the eyebrows with amoxycillin - it was a really big infection - and I have a stitch that has to be removed in 8 days. So, being a prudent old fart, I bought tweezers and sharp scissors on the walk back to the boat so that Pete can act as barber surgeon. Swiss army knife and pliers might be a bit cumbersome. I have a cd of all the xrays - isn't technology wonderful?

Which means that we could leave on the next tide, but we won't. We are having dinner at what looks like a cool establishment tomorrow evening with local friend who organised the dentist for me and we might then leave on the midday tide on Friday. Carol, yep - B2 @ gmail from then on. But I think more likely midday Saturday.

Have been passing prescribed cold ale over wound and watching extraordinary fog roll up the Tagus. Wind blowing directly up the river, fog rolling in with it, completely obscured bridge and Christ statue in minutes but seems only over river. Significant drop in temperature. Instant foghoonery from the river traffic.  Assume a temperature inversion but not sure. Will google later. Condensation dripping off rig and other elevated bits of Berri.

Story of engine lift if I can gt it together before we leave, else perhaps by instalment via sailmail. Must eat, dose some more and sleep - the decrepitude creeps on...