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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Legends

All 47 finishers, more or less in order, last to first

And you can read about them all here - click on the name link for the bio - some amazing people

A couple of days ago

Blueberry DEEElight for breakfast - yeehaaa. But I earned it with an early run out in the snow. Loose, drifting powder snow - crunchy over the ice but easy to run in. The problem still is getting the clothing combination right so that the decrepit old body stays at a reasonable temperature. And the nose doesn't get frostbitten.

My thousand or so friends are out playing golf on the ice - cheating essential - and the course is just behind the Breakers Bar - one could Consult,out on the verandah at the back and wave and encourage them all with loud cries.One just might get around to it.  And the Nome forest is flourishing - all the christmas trees get planted on the ice in Iditarod week.

Some local trepidation about what might be happening at Fukushima - too many people listening to and believing CNN.

Photos slowly getting to picasa - captions as and when I can get there.

Sled dogs - wonderful animals! DeeDee Jonrowe is also a marathon runner, like her dogs. A formidable team. There are still 5 teams out on the trail - the weather is changing and it's looking like a white out at the mo. Musher signing this afternoon - they all sit in a big hall under their names and sign shirts and hats and posters.

Vernal equinox

6 minutes and 38 seconds more daylight in Nome today - through the snow showers and the 25kt southerly. The powder snow blasts into your eyes and makes drifts behind all the obstructions.

A 7 hour banquet yesterday for the Iditarod presentations. It was held on the basketball court with the stands removed and about half the population of Nome seemed to be there, I have a complete set of photos of all the finishers which I will upload today. What an interesting and varied bunch of people!

The house almost empty again, with most of the inmates departing on the banquet flight last night. My last day today - Anchorage, Seattle and London tomorrow if Alaskan is flying.