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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A couple of days ago

Blueberry DEEElight for breakfast - yeehaaa. But I earned it with an early run out in the snow. Loose, drifting powder snow - crunchy over the ice but easy to run in. The problem still is getting the clothing combination right so that the decrepit old body stays at a reasonable temperature. And the nose doesn't get frostbitten.

My thousand or so friends are out playing golf on the ice - cheating essential - and the course is just behind the Breakers Bar - one could Consult,out on the verandah at the back and wave and encourage them all with loud cries.One just might get around to it.  And the Nome forest is flourishing - all the christmas trees get planted on the ice in Iditarod week.

Some local trepidation about what might be happening at Fukushima - too many people listening to and believing CNN.

Photos slowly getting to picasa - captions as and when I can get there.

Sled dogs - wonderful animals! DeeDee Jonrowe is also a marathon runner, like her dogs. A formidable team. There are still 5 teams out on the trail - the weather is changing and it's looking like a white out at the mo. Musher signing this afternoon - they all sit in a big hall under their names and sign shirts and hats and posters.