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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Early Birders

It was really all too easy for too long! Now in the wrong sector of a nasty tight little low, 35+ knots NE, barometer plummeting, short lumpy horrible sea, driving rain, waves breaking over the boat again. Bloody Examiner can't keep her nose out of it for long. We're more or less going sideways on about 170T and it's not fun. Looks as if there's another one behind it too. Getting dark and it's going to be a long night.

Well, Earlier Birders, I suppose - I've been reading a who-dunnit that has a fake birder as central character. Says that jizz is derived from RAF slang for General Identification Size and Shape being the term describing how to identify aircraft. Often first and only impression from tiny glimpse and experience will match it to at least a broad category. Been there - both with aircraft and birds. Tricky!

Sue, tks for predictions. Pinko not having fun with the rest of us! Nethers recovering. Enjoy the Olympics!

Christophe - thanks for photos - I will write to you when this weather passes.

Which it will.

From: centrale
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 8:36 PM
Subject: News from Kerguelen island.

Hello Alex & Peter,
I hope you have a good trip with fine wind and not such a bad sea. Yesterday, the australian customer's ship, Oceanic Viking, was here. I think you are near to reach your destination, Hobart. I'll be glad to have somme news when you'll arrive. So I wish you a very good home coming.
All the seamen from Kerguelen islandsend you theit best wishes as well.
Amitiés Australes (in french in the text :-))
Christophe Froehlinger - Kerguelen 60ème mission


Half way?

Position 0630 10th 4535 09654, trip 132, DMG 135. A good day - we seem to have hooked into something good - keep 'em crossed please. Maatsuuyker now just over 3 Hobart races away - 3 Berrimilla Units. No predictions yet but we are glad to be moving properly again. Australia now takes up lots of chart space on the computer and the GPS. I can pull in ABC local radio - 702 - sometimes at night, presumably the Perth regional station, now about 1100 miles away. Will try for Radio National tonight (Thanks Hilary!)

Not a lot to report. Wet and windy and lumpy - grey, damp, soggy conditions, wind NE 15-20 and forecast to back to the west for a couple of days. Both a bit weary and looking forward to some sort of arrival. We are thinking that a short stop in Adventure Bay to pay our respects to all those who went before would round things off nicely but will depend on conditions - ours, Berri's and the weather.

It's beginning to feel like about half way from Falmouth - 36k in the marathon - just have to grind it out from here. Yet - yet there is also the feeling of incipient nostalgia - what to do with ourselves afterwards...