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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half way?

Position 0630 10th 4535 09654, trip 132, DMG 135. A good day - we seem to have hooked into something good - keep 'em crossed please. Maatsuuyker now just over 3 Hobart races away - 3 Berrimilla Units. No predictions yet but we are glad to be moving properly again. Australia now takes up lots of chart space on the computer and the GPS. I can pull in ABC local radio - 702 - sometimes at night, presumably the Perth regional station, now about 1100 miles away. Will try for Radio National tonight (Thanks Hilary!)

Not a lot to report. Wet and windy and lumpy - grey, damp, soggy conditions, wind NE 15-20 and forecast to back to the west for a couple of days. Both a bit weary and looking forward to some sort of arrival. We are thinking that a short stop in Adventure Bay to pay our respects to all those who went before would round things off nicely but will depend on conditions - ours, Berri's and the weather.

It's beginning to feel like about half way from Falmouth - 36k in the marathon - just have to grind it out from here. Yet - yet there is also the feeling of incipient nostalgia - what to do with ourselves afterwards...