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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Position 0630 9th 4454 09359, trip 107, DMG 106 - still a bit in the bag. We also cracked 12000 sailing miles from Falmouth.

Iridium Bill - another old fart, like the non existent Mr Posters. I now have the first installment and, barring catastrophe, I think we have enough in the tin to cover the voyage. Thanks everyone - if there's any left over, I will apply it to the coming home party medications and I will write to you all when we get back and Isabella sends me a list.

From some incoming mails:
JJ: A trip to the masthead is about the farthest point of the boat one can get
> to, but it does put you closer to the ISS making Pete the most removed
> person on the earth's surface while you are up there. AW comment: But I'm going faster - both forwards and sideways...

> RE: your last blog: "Muddling through towards perfection." So, from
> that I take it the moral of the story is that it takes only 2
> circumnavigations, a dozen Hobarts, and a couple of Fastnets to get
> Berri sorted....AW comment: It's all about intelligent improvisation - muddling through is the best most people can do in the face of uncertainty and with limited resources. Berri will never reach that wonderful state of being 'sorted'- we just keep muddling!

Fenwick, DOF that you are - remember to delete the previous email string before you press 'send' else I'll empty the drag bucket over your new paintwork when we get home. What sort of boat are we planning for?

Woc - congratulations to Cam - we'll Consult.

SJ/SW - please post Doug's latest on Dawes - clearly a man with an interesting character - I think I'd have liked him.

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