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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maybe today?

0645 Wednesday and it's still packing in from the SW  but I think the front went through last night with heavy rain and lightning. Passage says it's going to soften and shift to the north before the next one, which is building over Newfoundland and looks like a doozy. Due here in a week but I hope we'll be down near Madeira by then and south of the worst of it.


I now have a schoolkid's portugese dictionary, complete with little pictures of piglets (leitao but I don't know how to put the ^ on the a) and the like. Things make a lot more sense – especially the spelling – Dues cervejas should be Dois cervejas, for instance, which provides a bit of a handle on pronunciation and the local slur. Anyway, I've got a couple of magazines to translate on the way home. Some of it may stick.


So – the plan is still to leave on the tide this arve. And again, we'll dip the lids to Henry on his pedestal as we go past. Third Time Lucky, Carol! And Z is getting twitchy – too much fishe smelle.


I've done some notes on Lisbon for visiting yachties – here is a link that will last for 7 days or 100 downloads.

 I don't have the internet grunt here but perhaps some kind person out there could put it somewhere more permanent with a link sent to so that Steve can add it to the blog. Thanks