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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kerguelen commemoration letters

These have started to arrive all over the place. Carefully stacked for three months by Renaud  at Port Aux Francais, then on RV Marion Dufresne to Reunion.

By air from Reunion to Noumea and into the French snailmail system where, no doubt, they have waited for Eyjafjallajokull to wind down. So to England, Australia, the USA, Dubai and wherever. Rather less scarce than the Penny Black but there are only about 60 of them in the world, so they might one day be worth a bit. I wonder when the first one will appear on Ebay.

Mine hasn't caught up with me yet, so thanks to Isabella for the letter images. The third photo is Renaud with some of the letters and a few of his hundreds of rubber stamps around him. Thanks Renaud, for making the envelopes and for getting them away safely.