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Friday, September 25, 2009


One for the collection but a bit tricky. A mere blogger should never presume to comment on what appears to be a national monument so I will leave it to the seagull - who is, after all a local and therefore up with the cultural nuances - seems to me to be a comment on ostentatious sentimentality but, unfortunately, the seagull was too far away to ask.

So how to stay interesting while marooned in lovely Lisbon? Dunno really - I'll just witter on and see how the list of followers fluctuates.

The pedestrian bits of Lisbon are cobbled with gerzillions and gerzillions of squareish 100mm ish stones, all worn smooth by possibly hundreds of years of feet (htat sounds like one of those exam howlers) I think they are marble but Pete thinks they are too hard to be marble. Dunno but a dollar for each stone might just solve the world crisis.

Toothwright being organised for next week - time, I think to say farewell to an old friend, And the wind generator parts have arrived so there is some progress