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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Position 1912 02512 trip 2343 = 129/24

A good day's run. Today We will need to change our course to pass glose to the Cape Verdes heading for St Peter & Paul Rocks just north of the equator at 29 W. We will almost certainly have to revert ti single headsail and main - the main probably with a reef to stop it taking over when coming off the tops of waves. Not yet daylight - we'll do it when we can see stuff - much easier!

A Proper Breakfast day and Trafalgar Day - I think it was Wellington on the battlefield of Waterloo who said that a battle lost is so awful to contemplate that there's nothing near as awful except a battle won. He was looking at the dead and wounded on both sides. Trafalgar Day for me evokes similar emotions.

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5Rs and some thank yous

We've just clocked the 2000 miles from Falmouth. Dr Goss' bottle of Talisker came out for the Reward event and I have it recorded on video. Aaaah! Thanks Pete.

Cakes - we have three, given to us in Falmouth. Carol, your three part version has been sustaining us to here and will probably get us to the equator. I think of you in your kitchen and the long drive to deliver it and it has an integrity all its own. Thanks.

And the way we have the boat stowed, Pauline's will be next and should get us across the South Atlantic by which time we should have the boat sufficiently emptied to be able to get at Maureen's, which was first into the quarterberth stowage. That ought to get us at least towards Kerguelen. Thanks, all of you! Updates will follow as we get to them.

Sarah, your white paint job it holding out well. The cockpit is now a bit worn but the rest sparkles. And the tankard is in regular consultative operation. Thanks on both counts.

Peter C - the RCC pot is likewise in regular use - it now has an authenticating dent, though not anywhere that reduces its capacity. Also thanks to all.

And tomorrow is Trafalgar Day. A Random Event if ever I saw one.

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