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Friday, February 12, 2010

What Alex is looking at....

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A prediction that isn't

Position 0630 12th 4509 10143, trip 122, DMG 107. 1878 to Maatsuuyker waypoint. ETA SE Cape perhaps March 1st - so there's a non prediction wot I never ever make. Metre by metre we're closing in.

I think we may have sown the seeds of a bit of international collaboration between Australia and Kerguelen - more later, if it develops. But gratifying and thanks mostly to Doug Morrison and his papers.

In a little northerly burst - around 20kts so far, not supposed to go more that 25 but who knows. Seas rising again. Sunshine for a couple of hours this morning, now gone - what a difference it makes to one's mood. Eternal grey is grim.

in the middle somewhere

Middle watch, now, of course in full daylight. High stratus and strato-cu and lots of blue sky. Yeehaaa. Noice to see the sun for once although it is frosted behind the cloud layer at the mo. Trying to squeeze every last centimetre out of this breeze - it's coming from roughly north, about 12 kts, reasonably calm sea and we're making about 5 kt towards Hobart. Due to increase to 20+ as the day progresses and we'll shorten sail and keep going. Now have Cape Leeuwin to Maatsuuyker across the top of the computer screen with Berri bottom left - progress becomes almost visible at this scale.

Norm, (& MJC) thanks for Queen Victoria - I guess it's obvious really when you look at Tenniel's drawings in Alice - Her Imperial Maj. to a T! Glad you're still out there - was getting worried!

Val and Jill - looks as if we will miss Freo, barring catastrophe, but we will wave as we go past, probably around next Wednesday.

Ferret the Noige - an Eeyore moment - that's just what WOULD happen! But will be good to have them and may order some more when we get home if ok with you.