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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Something special

This is a tiny replica of the Memorial to Lost Sailors at Cape Horn. The original is 7 metres tall - Pete and I sailed past it about a mile out and I think I saw it but not sure as I do know now that I was looking in the wrong place. I heard about the replica on the grapevine and ordered a couple - the other one for Pete. They arrived this week.

The replica is available from the artist in Valparaiso. Contact me if you want one and I'll send details. I think it's rather lovely.

Hanging out...

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It shows me standing around not shaking hands with anybody in particular but that really is the Queen in the background and the Duke of Edinburgh on the right. In December I was invited to a Reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Exploration and Adventure to coincide with the anniversary of Scott's last expedition. There were about 300 people there - not sure who fingered me for the gig but it was interesting! I walked  to the Palace from RORC with Dame Ellen MacArthur who I had always wanted to meet. Not surprisingly, she knew her way across the park.