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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a fish?

Fascinating experience flying into Alaska. As you board the plane, you enter a different country - Anchorage was just for openers. Here in Nome it's another world. But crisp, clear sunshine (unusual...) and a frozen sea. Yesterday I walked where we parked Berrimilla in 2008 around the end of the inner harbour wall and into the outer harbour whence we set off into the very much unknown towards the arctic circle, that amazing sunset in the Bering Strait and the ice at Barrow. Ah, nostalgia. Lots more to come.

We flew up here in a composite 737 - freight in the front of the fuselage and about 20 rows of seats at the rear. It was flying the round trip to Nome and Kotzebue - one of the many many places we passed by in Berri...