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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Backwards to christmas

Position 0630 3rd 3843 03037 trip 52 DMG 45 - another day of going sideways. We shall overcome!

I spent an hour hand steering under wonderful clear moonlit sky last night - boat heading 210, speed 1.5ish kts through the water, course over the ground 010 @ 1.1 kts. Better to be going backwards at 1 knot that 2! Us daggy old australians from Sydney don't expect that sort of thing. No surprise to a Pom or anyone from a tidal area. Or, I suppose, those of us who sail boats back from Hobart after the race.

Much fixing of fiddly stuff in the calms - frinstance Pete has dismantled the sink, swapped taps, waterproofed joints and will resika the sink shortly. We've always had wet feet when standing next to it - salt water pump has always leaked. Cheap and nasty temporary fix from Dunedin after roll that became semi permanent because too low on the list.

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