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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The calm before...what?

Once again outside the little cafe with mega coffee and this time fortifying Bacon and Egg roll. Apprehension level up there in orbit with the ISS. Wood pigeons in the trees behind the marina - Take twooo coows Taffy...Take twooo cows Taffy

Will be a bit of a combobulation at the start (ours is at 1150 GMT) with 79 boats in our class all trying to find the best tide at the Island end of the line...The crew - Andy, the owner, Ferret (aka Alex and also a leftie) navigator, Geoff, Dragon sailor extraordinaire from Sydney, Darra, also from Sydney, Mark and David from Singapore and the old fart bringing up the rear. I'm back up navigator and rail meat.

Been a busy week, doing all the little last minute things, with a blast on the Solent yesterday to give everyone a feel for the boat. I think there is video on the Jambalaya blog. I don't think i will be able to update this one but there's a chance Geoff might be able to keep the Jamba one running via iphone. We'll see.

We have a small dose of medicinal compound from the Scottish glens to pacify Poseidon at the Rock but no other  Consultative expertise aboard. Ah well!

 Also a wonderful week, meeting lots of old friends around the place. I even met Ken Newman, the only other person, as far as we can tell, who was also on the start line 50 years ago. He's doing his 27th Fastnet, having done his first in 1957. (Fastnets only happen every 2 years, so work that out)

If we are not exciting enough, follow Tehani - McQ's new and exquisite Contessa 32, going 2 handed in class 4 and google Marco Nannini Racing to get the name of his Class 40 - its a sponsors name - Marco is sailing with our special friend and amazing sailor Paul Peggs who lent Pete and me his own boat Audacious for the 2007 Fastnet. They are preparing for a round the world race next year.

Fair winds to them all. See you lot in Plymouth, with, I hope, slightly less grey knuckles.