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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outside in the freezer - and crabbing

On the verandah - lasagne and blueberry delight measured by the acre. Noice. The Amber in the fridge in the bottle shop feels warm - and given the outside air temperature, it is warm.. I now have a small stash out on the verandah as well.
Today we went out about a mile and a half offshore and set two crabpots under the ice. First, Pat had to renew his permit, then we restrung netting on one of the pots, loaded a couple of sleds with tools and set off on four snow machines. Photos and captions here.

It's 0115 and I think I'm the only one awake...The mushers will start to come in today - we will have three staying here with their friends and relations plus at least one dog team. The teams don't stay long - they are shipped out by air with their handlers as soon as space is available on an aircraft. The mushers stay for the banquet.

Someone is asleep on a mattress a few feet from where I'm writing this - can't make coffee without waking whoever it is...0215 - back to bed - where there are 2 more people on the floor.