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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Some full on days - but we seem to be ready except for some shopping
and general sorting. There is a bit of media interest so we intend to
leave on Monday morning around 0900 local to give the ABC and the rest
a photo opp. Timing is good because there's a north easterly
(seriously adverse, for the meteorologically challenged!) up the coast
until Tuesday - so we can get ourselves down to Cape Raoul and Tasman
Island by Monday eve, duck into Port Arthur if it's still pearshaped
and out into the southerly due on Tuesday. 6 days or so to Sydney -
seems like a walk in the park except for the last time - when we got
rolled south of Gabo. There's a link somehwere to that story.

Photos self explanatory. The hoist, top to bottom is NZ, Chile,
Argentina. Falklands, Cornwall UK, USA, Alaska (with the Great Bear
and the Pole Star), Canada, Nunavut (the people, the ice, an inukchuk
and the pole star), Greenland (ice and fire), Nuuk yacht club burgee,
UK, Republic of Ireland, Royal Cork YC, RNLI, Portugal, Republic of
South Africa (symbolising the convergence of diverse elements within
South African society, taking the road ahead in unity, according to
Wikipedia - and it's upside down in the photos; my apologies and I
will fix tomorrow), TAAF Kerguelen, Royal YC of Tasmania and RANSA. I
gave my CYCVA burgee to the Royal Cork, so if anyone wants to bring
one out to us in Sydney, I'll add that for the ride up the harbour.
I've lost the 2009 Fastnet battle flag but will have a good look
tomorrow - if I can find it, we'll fly that too.

If we get away Monday and the Examiner is kind we could be in Sydney
on Sat 13th on Sun 14th.

But you all know how it is!

Looking forward to another coming home party. And we will tyry to
resurrect the Bash, for the initiated.