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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Position 0630 13th. 4537 10501, trip 141, DMG 147 - probably GPS glitch here but DMG is accurate. Still thoroughly unpleasant but improving slightly. Just trying to get back north again before the next one hits us. This has been the nastiest bit of sea I have experienced for a very long time - at least three big superimposed patterns and 30+ knots to boil it all up. Seems to be abating now but will take time for the sea to drop. GPS has recovered, at least for the mo.

Bill - tks for ice & fire
Margy, thanks for sleeping bag ref
KC for I know not what but good to hear from you
PP for forecast and AC

Time for a cup of nice hot soup fortified with dried mashed spud for body and periperi for flavour. Hardly matters what flavbour the soup is supposed to be.