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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Baez - thanks to everyone who sent me lyrics and I can see now how the neurons got in a twist. My imaginary version that combined the two songs would have been ideal - hey look at those silly old wrinklies in that daggy old boat, that's what happens to you when you hit the gin bottle - pity. We'll have to revert to Berri's original marching song, Marshall Riley's Army by Lindisfarne - rousing stuff but a different message. Why that one? Riley's grand daughter sailed back from our first Lord Howe race with us about 12 years ago and I have the lyrics in her own handwriting.

470 miles to SE Cape and then about 50 into Hobart. Which way - D'Entrecasteaux Channel or Adventure Bay and the Iron Pot - will depend on the weather and timing. And the trip odometer is at 13990 - coo! But don't anyone forget that we only get a few days off in Hobart and then into what could still be the most difficult leg of the whole voyage up to Sydney. It will be my 15th time, I think.

Blatt - thanks, but I don't need the vinyl. The gig with Dylan, perhaps, if that's out there somewhere.
Chris P - thanks for offer and contacts - I think we're organised but I'll ring you if we do need anything. Possibly 20 litres of diesel if the wind stays like this! No wind generator cos no apparents so we have to charge the batteries with the engine and could be getting low.
Paul D - please ask AW if he would like a set of the pics. We're aiming for Hobart - slowly.
Margy - the phone will ring...!

Later - moving again, twin poled, barn door bound @ 6kt.