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Monday, February 15, 2010


Position 0630 15th 4405 10926, trip 110, DMG 81 - spent a lot of the period heading NE.

Back pointing at the barn door, wind 20-25kt, sunshine through 4/8ths cu, luminous blue green sea. The biggest albatross of the voyage earlier but could not retrieve camera in time. Snowy or NZ, I think. Curious, gently condescending, total superiority. Lifetime event stuff.

Talking of which, your puzzle for the day:
Said Sam to Denis, in italics:

One wild, sweet hour of glorious life is worth a world without a name.

Why, and what was the occasion? Is the quotation apocryphal?

An echo of the reported last words of Elizabeth 1st - 'My kingdom for one more minute' which, from memory, may be misquoted.

And we wait - 1800 UTC is the grib's prediction for the leading edge - about 11 hours.