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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Slowly slowly...

Position 0700 6th 3845 03638 trip 93 DMG 77. Disappointingly slow progress but we're moving in the right direction. Another front behind us - they all seem to be further north than last time and rather more vicious. The Examiner won't let us off the hook if that's not a mixed metaphor.

Talking of which, I'm told Sailing Anarchy has done us proud but do I sense a touch of the oxymoronic? The Anarchists have an Editor - indeed, more than one, as there is an Exalted Person called a Senior Editor. Snake oil in the sky with diamonds!Anyway, thanks Al and we'll try to keep all y'all amused for the next 50 days or so.

Ferals: Yellow Nosed albatrosses arrive alone or in groups - they are not solitary - whereas the bigger ones seem to be solitary or paired only. The Yellow Noses often fly in close formation with another YN and often also with a White Chinned Petrel. I've just seen 3 YNs parked on the water with two more circling - soaring - around them. On the water they are often joined by petrels. Two White Chins together keep up a continuous chirruping amongst themselves. Roughly the equivalent, perhaps of the old formation flying patter.

H - we should be about 3000 miles due south of you some time on Thursday We'll wave!

And today the decorations come down.