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Friday, January 1, 2010

HNY everyone!

Happy New Year all y'all. We have decided to celebrate in stages. Sydney/Melbourne NY has just passed - quick sip of Dr G's potion and out to put in a reef so while you lot were carousing at the fireworks, we were at work. Next will be Freo (Hi JG and S! Kimbra, I know you are in Hobart - just dug out the tea cosy you made for me in Nome - nice warm ears!) then Cape Town, then our own at midnight UTC, then perhaps Houston and then Nome to close off the day.

Heading east, at last, in what should be a steady 15 - 20 for a day or so.

Katherine C - HNY, happy new boat! Will be an interesting way to learn - go fer it! Text to our satphone doesn't seem to work but you can always call us - it will go into voicemail before we can get to it but don't leave a messsage, (I can't collect it anyway - forgotten the password) just keep ringing back till someone answers. Call costs depend on telstra but not cheap.
Val and Jill - amazed and humbled - what do you two do when you aren't reading our nonsense and where are you? I wonder how many others picked us up from the macca gigs.
Sue - I think we get the message, and thanks. No need for any more, just enjoy the Amazon and take care! Have pink post-it notes in front of me as I write. Pinkaraj still being a fairy on the mast.