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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Life-Raft Sequence and More

In responses to Alex's recent Plizz, here is some information about
the "old" Berri sites and information on how to find the life-raft
sequence. The site you need is here:

This website takes the story from January 2005 to January 2006. From
the homepage there is a list of links to the many sections of the
blogs: these are under the heading (not surprisingly) of "Berrimilla
Logs". This is what the heading looks like for the life-raft sequence:

• 10. South Atlantic - going up (25 Mar - 03 Apr) Ref 124-143

It isn't possible to go straight to a specific day or event via a dedicated link. You need to follow the relevant blog section link (eg, 10) and then scroll to the appropriate number of the blog entry. In this case, it's 133. Brown trousers advised.

This link might take you to the relevant section, but if not, follow directions as above.

The more recent Berri website, which was made on the North West Passage trip, is called "Down Under Mars" and is reached via this link

This site was set up and manned by the late-lamented Speedy and although it is up and still running, we cannot access it to change or maintain it as he departed to the hereafter with the passwords.

Please excuse the fact that a blog upload often messes up my neat formatting and puts unsightly gaps in it. I think it is allergic to Macintosh.