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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lots of acknowledgements: Maureen, your cake has been deployed to great effect - thanks!. It will sustain us most of the way to the Cape.
Doug, thanks for Henry. He has a new waypoint and we'll get the jelly snakes out in a few days. Morro - thanks for work-around for USB thing - we use similar technique to start and try to disable or kill the serial ballpoint mouse as well - the real problem arises when the thing crashes without warning or explanation having apparently been running perfectly for days. CF18 now disconnected from USB and just running Airmail and iridium and SFSG. Daren't fiddle with it in case I destroy iridium set up and can't restore. Will be interesting to monitor success or otherwise of toy netbook which is now doing the USB and SoB. Basic problem there is that netbook has truncated screen and cant get Bottom edge of SoB screen with important cursor info. But a work around for the time being. Only using it because have separate 12v charger for it - have three toughbooks of different vintage but all have to share same charger.
Norm - tks for kind words and the other bit. I think you may have read correctly between my lines. Would appreciate your keeping posts a bit shorter - half a page or so - as sailmail can only cope with 11kb at a time and Steve has to break up his sends to us. Haven't turned left yet - won't be for about a week somewhere down between 25 & 30 S
Allan - ok - you redeemed yourself! But you're still a DOF! Glad the engine works - sounds a bit like a bigger version of mine.
Chris J - Andy? Actually, I hope we don't get anywhere close enough to Tristan for VHF but good to have your info - thanks.
Sue - Berri doing fine - El Pinko behaving - now getting cooler so not so scratchy under fur.